What to expect at a Pathway Health Clinic STD Appointment

Possible exposure to an STD can be a scary feeling. Making an appointment to be tested can be nerve wracking, especially if you don’t know what to expect at the appointment. Many are concerned about visiting a clinic that will judge them for their choices, or that their personal beliefs or privacy will not be respected.  At Pathway Health Clinic, we take your confidentiality and privacy seriously and want to give you a look at what an appointment with our staff looks like so you can know what to expect.  Keep reading to learn about each aspect of the appointment and then call 760-945-4673 to schedule yours today.


PHC tests are simple, quick, and confidential to ensure your comfort and peace of mind.

We currently provide low to no cost STD testing including chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, and HIV. We can provide testing for both males and females; each needs an appointment. 

We do not provide HPV testing, but can provide referrals for HPV testing.

Testing for each STI/STD is as follows:

  • Chlamydia – Urine test and Swab (females only)
  • Gonorrhea – Urine test and Swab (females only)
  • Herpes – Blood test
  • Syphilis – Blood test
  • Hepatitis B – Blood test
  • Hepatitis C – Blood test
  • Bacterial Vaginosis – Swab
  • Trichomoniasis – Urine test
  • HIV – Blood test 
  • HPV – Pap smear – Pathway Health Clinic does not provide HPV testing, but can provide testing referrals.


At Pathway Health Clinic, we have registered nurses on staff and advocates to provide our patients with more in-depth information and resources, confidential consultations with a Pathway Health Clinic medical professional, and referrals when your need extends beyond the scope of our services.


 At Pathway Healthcare Clinic in Vista, California, we offer you a safe place to receive an STD Test by one of our medical professionals. When you are here your privacy is protected and everything you share with us is completely confidential. Our staff will accommodate your specific needs for privacy and communication from the moment you contact us. We will never call, text, or email you without your consent.

Call (760)945-4673  or schedule an appointment online today. We offer services in English.

Pathway Health Clinic will continue to monitor and refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and our local public health agency to determine the safest course of action for our staff and patients.

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