A well-woman exam is a preventative exam designed to detect certain health problems early and keep you healthy!

Your free well-woman exam includes the following: 

Pelvic Exam

Pelvic exams may detect early signs of cancer, STIs, and causes of inflammation or discomfort in and around the vagina. Women 21 and older should receive a pelvic exam once a year. If you’re under 21, you should receive a pelvic exam if you experience abnormal bleeding, unusual vaginal discharge, or pelvic pain. 

Breast Exam

During your breast exam, our physician assistant will look for early signs of breast cancer, such as lumps or irregularities in your breasts. She can also advise you on breast cancer screening recommendations. 

Pap Smear*

Pap smears are done to identify early forms of cervical cancer, HPV, or abnormal cells. Generally, women 21 and older should have a pap smear done once every three years. Screening recommendations may vary based on risks and/or previous pap smear findings. 

*Pap smear testing does incur a lab fee.

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