Life moves fast. Between the constant list of to-dos and the things that need to be taken care of at a moment’s notice, it’s easy to walk through life distracted. These things could be anything, family problems, arguments with your peers, car troubles, or maybe for you, it’s an unplanned pregnancy. In any of these circumstances, it’s important to remember to be present in the moment. It can be difficult to remain present because most people would run away and choose not to deal with the trial ahead. You have to ask yourself though, does running away solve anything?

Running away may provide some relief for a time but eventually, that issue will pop up again and you may not be able to run away. So, what can you do? If you are in the middle of a moment where you are having a challenging time staying present, take a minute to just breath. By taking some time to breathe and explore the problem you give yourself the opportunity to make a choice that you can be proud of.

In some circumstances, things come up that do need to be taken care of quickly, maybe though, in your situation today it would help to stop where you are and think about what you want out of this situation, maybe talk with a trusted friend or advisor. By engaging an outside party, you allow a new perspective to shed light on your situation. This may prompt you to see another option that was not clear before. Allowing yourself to be present in these moments of clarity can help you make the best choices for you and your family that will ultimately affect your future.

If you are concerned about an unhealthy relationship, unplanned pregnancy, and or STD’s the Pregnancy Resource Center can help you slow the decision process down by providing you with the information necessary to make an informed choice. Whatever your situation, stop in today or call us confidentially (760) 945-4673 and choose to be in the moment.

Douglas Pagels said, “Some of the secret joys of living are not found by rushing from point A to point B, but by inventing some imaginary letters along the way.” Maybe today we should be more like that, taking in the important scenery along the way.

Have you ever been in a place where confidentiality was ignored and or neglected? Ever felt like you were uncomfortable opening up because you couldn’t trust the person you were speaking with? Pregnancy, relationships, STD information, or parenting concerns are all topics that we deal with at the Pregnancy Resource Center. You are justified to be concerned about your privacy with not only the mentioned topics but others as well. Confidentiality matters because your information is just that “YOURS”. As you enter the Pregnancy Resource Center have confidence that all your information will be kept in a secure, confidential file that is only accessed by authorized personnel. Our services are dedicated to meeting the needs of ALL people and below are just a few of the things we do to ensure your confidentiality.

How does the Pregnancy Resource Center keep my information private?

  1. Every volunteer and staff member are screened thoroughly. That is to ensure that they will always meet the needs of our clients NO MATTER WHAT.
  2. Clients meet with counselors in a private room that allow the client to speak freely.
  3. Every counselor and nurse are trained under an accredited program. That is to ensure professionalism and proficiency.
  4. Finally, if there ever was a concern by the client that confidentiality or any other concern was not met, we offer a confidential survey for them to fill out before they leave.
  5. Every client file is kept locked in a secure cabinet that only authorized personnel have access to.

*At PRC we strive to give our clients the best service possible. We are always looking for new ways to continue this care. We look forward to hearing from each client about their experience.

*If you have recently visited PRC and have not yet rated your experience. You can rate us on YELP or Facebook. You can also send us a private message on Facebook voicing any concerns or comments about your experience. We appreciate each person that walks through our door. We will continue to serve our community with dignity, respect, love and CONFIDENTIALITY.

What does the word standard even mean? Merriam-Webster defines it as “something established by authority, custom, or general consent as a model or example.” Think about what standards mean for your life and how they have molded you into the person you are. Standards do not have to be thought of as a negative concept but rather a set of guidelines you would like to follow in your life. Many times, we get lost in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to make decisions for ourselves. This can lower our ability to create our own standards and cause us trouble along the way.

Below are some recommendations for how to begin creating your own standards.

Do: Set Goals (Goals are vital for your standards because without them you will not grow, but rather remain stagnant in your life)

Don’t: Settle (You are worth more than the expectations people set for you! Create your own reality! Your standards should be met or you need to move on from the event disagreeing with them.)

Do: Ask for advice (Family or peers may have standards that might give you ideas on how to start your own)

Don’t: Lose perspective (Losing perspective between what your reality is and what you are trying to fit into your life that may not be best for you in the long run. Sometimes we want something so badly that we are willing to risk all the good we have created for ourselves. Don’t lose yourself for someone, something, or a false reality that the world has shown us.)

Do: Be mindful (of your strengths and weaknesses so as not to stress yourself out any further but to instead learn and grow from the standards you create)

Don’t: Ever give up! (You can always achieve what you set your mind on)

Welcome to 2017. Ready to make changes? A fresh start, perhaps? A new year for a new you.

Looking forward means learning from the past to carve out a brighter future. A new you does not mean leaving the old you behind and forgetting where you have been. Starting fresh takes evaluation of our past successes and mess ups, and creates a stronger, more stable future. Sometimes what seems our largest failures are just moments waiting to be used as catalysts to fuel us to greater heights.

Starting fresh this year should first have us looking back at the old year. Ask yourself, what was my biggest success? Where could I have done better? Take that knowledge, and allow it to empower you. Let it fuel the new you to greater heights. Take your past, identify places for change and growth, and use this year to carve out a new you.

Once you have looked back, the next important step- do not dwell on the past. The past can empower us or destroy us. We all mess up. Choosing to learn from mistakes, and rise above these moments are the defining differences between a new you or a stagnant you.

This new year can be one of beginning, reshaping, and modifying. Ask yourself, “who do I want to be?” “What changes must I make to become that person?” Implementing those changes may seem daunting, but each small step proves that you CAN do it. Change is possible, ONE STEP at a time.

Let this year be one of exciting discovery of just how far you can rise, so that you can look back on this new year and marvel at the newly emerged you.