LaBeLs (Everyone’s worst nightmare)

Labels are words or phrases that are used to tear others down. Labels affect all generations and each age group has specific labels that are unique to them. Each second of the day someone is being labeled either by themselves, family, co-workers, and most common their peers. Labels can retrain our brains to see ourselves as others see us instead of what we truly are. These labels can describe something as small as our hair being straight or curly. Interacting with these labels causes us to lose self-confidence, respect for ourselves, and even diminishes the thinking capacity we once had. Negative perceptions can completely change us into different people.

What if we aren’t the ones being labeled? What if you have labeled someone else? The same concept applies. Your negative words could have caused them to change their view of themselves and the world around them. The person you called fat is possibly treating their body like a prisoner. Starving themselves to fit into the image you have conformed them to. The person you said was ugly is likely seeking out unrealistic beauty treatments, surgery’s, and medications to look like the person they saw on TV. How about the person you called a failure and not valued? They could be contemplating suicide. What about the girl you called a stupid and worthless when she got pregnant in high school? This girl is most likely ashamed, alone, and scared because having a surprise baby doesn’t fit your mold of who she should be. This girl, as well as the others in each scenario, will have many challenges ahead of them but labels should not be one of them. Each of us were created like a puzzle, each distinctively different so that we could complete the beautiful picture that shows its face once put together.

Our society tells us that we should all look, speak, and think alike. When will you decide that labeling is not what you were made to do? You were meant for a greater purpose and to uplift others instead of tearing them down. Choose today to be the day you stop labeling others and define who YOU are based on your gifts and talents! The Pregnancy Resource Center stands with you in this challenge to be who you are TODAY! If you or someone you know is struggling with labels, self-esteem, unintended pregnancy, STD’s, and or suicidal thoughts call us today to speak confidentially with a trained counselor. We are here to help you, make today the day!

So… what do you expect? What do you desire? What do you respect? What do you admire?

These are big and challenging questions, and the answers to these questions can guide your life, your choices, and your relationships. The key is to be clear on your answers. If you can’t easily answer these questions, take some time to think, talk, or write about it.

What are your expectations for yourself? Today, tomorrow, a year from now? You are worth having high expectations for your life. We attract the opportunities, the treatment, and the people that match our expectations. If you expect to be treated well then you will attract people who exceed that expectation.

What do you desire for yourself? What do you desire in a relationship? Do you want someone who dictates only their needs or the opposite where they could care less about anyone’s needs? If you desire love and respect you will reflect that desire to those in your life. Reflect that you are worthy of love and respect by the example you set for others. People will naturally gravitate towards those who have admirable characteristics, such as the desire to stand up for what they want.

What do you respect? Do you respect strong women? Do you respect people who go after what they want and are resilient in the face of challenges? You are worthy of respect. Look around and think about who you know, or who you have met, that you greatly respect and seek out those traits in yourself.

What do you admire? Examples are all around us and we can mirror the behaviors and choices we see while still holding ourselves accountable to the person we want to be. You are worthy and capable of finding these qualities you just need to be patient. You didn’t become the person you are overnight and it will take time to achieve the true self you admire to be.

You have the power to set the standards for your own life, one day at a time. Live the life you want to live and don’t let others dictate or decide what you expect, desire, respect, and admire. Our power is in the choices we make, choices to strive daily to be the people we want to be, no matter the circumstances. We have the power today to make choices that we will be proud of tomorrow and for years to come.

So.. what do you want? What are you going to choose for yourself?

Ever wonder if the information you have been given about sex is accurate? We know that there are many different opinions in society today that tell us what sex is and how it should be viewed. It is our hope that we can give you more information regarding the opinions you often here so that you can make the most informed choice. Below is a list of common misconceptions we here at the Pregnancy Resource Center.

The FIRST misconception:“I can’t get pregnant if I’m breastfeeding.”

Breastfeeding can suppress ovulation in some women. Most women do not have a period during the postpartum stage if they are breastfeeding full time. This does not provide 100% protection against pregnancy because some women can still ovulate (when your body releases an egg for fertilization and conception) without having a period.

The SECOND misconception: “By having sex in a certain position you can prevent pregnancy.”

It doesn’t matter what position you have sex in, sperm can swim in multiple directions including upwards.  If you are having sex, there is a chance of becoming pregnant and or contracting an STD/STI.

The THIRD misconception: “You can’t get pregnant your first time having sex.”

If you are having unprotected sex you can still get pregnant even if it’s your first time. Even if you are protected by a contraceptive none of them are 100%. Each provides a failure rate depending on how they are used, manufactured, and the person’s overall health that is taking them. It’s also important to note that contraception does not prevent STD’s/STI’s.

The FOURTH misconception: “You can’t get pregnant when you are on your period.”

If a woman has reached the stage in life where ovulation begins (which occurs monthly in most women) there is always a chance for pregnancy. Even if you are on your period if you are not using protection there is a chance for unintended pregnancy and or an STD/STI.

The FIFTH misconception: “I took my birth control and or we used condoms. I thought I was safe.”

            As stated previously, contraceptives are not 100% effective so there is always a chance for unintended pregnancy. Abstinence is the only 100% way to protect yourself. If you are unsure of the risks you face with your contraceptive you should speak with your doctor or make a FREE appointment at our center to speak with our nurse about how to protect your health.

**As you can see there are a lot of things that you might have heard about sex that may not be true after all. It is important to take ownership of this part of your life and the choices you make. If you would like more information about the things that we have shared here today, call our center at 760-945-4673 or check out our appointment tab on Pregnancy Resource Centers website for a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL consult with a trained counselor.

Life moves fast. Between the constant list of to-dos and the things that need to be taken care of at a moment’s notice, it’s easy to walk through life distracted. These things could be anything, family problems, arguments with your peers, car troubles, or maybe for you, it’s an unplanned pregnancy. In any of these circumstances, it’s important to remember to be present in the moment. It can be difficult to remain present because most people would run away and choose not to deal with the trial ahead. You have to ask yourself though, does running away solve anything?

Running away may provide some relief for a time but eventually, that issue will pop up again and you may not be able to run away. So, what can you do? If you are in the middle of a moment where you are having a challenging time staying present, take a minute to just breath. By taking some time to breathe and explore the problem you give yourself the opportunity to make a choice that you can be proud of.

In some circumstances, things come up that do need to be taken care of quickly, maybe though, in your situation today it would help to stop where you are and think about what you want out of this situation, maybe talk with a trusted friend or advisor. By engaging an outside party, you allow a new perspective to shed light on your situation. This may prompt you to see another option that was not clear before. Allowing yourself to be present in these moments of clarity can help you make the best choices for you and your family that will ultimately affect your future.

If you are concerned about an unhealthy relationship, unplanned pregnancy, and or STD’s the Pregnancy Resource Center can help you slow the decision process down by providing you with the information necessary to make an informed choice. Whatever your situation, stop in today or call us confidentially (760) 945-4673 and choose to be in the moment.

Douglas Pagels said, “Some of the secret joys of living are not found by rushing from point A to point B, but by inventing some imaginary letters along the way.” Maybe today we should be more like that, taking in the important scenery along the way.