Be Real

Who are you? What do you want to be? Are you open to change? Are you Real?

Each of these questions begs a thousand more that determine the type of person you are and will be. The character traits you set your eyes on will dictate your emotions, actions, and language. Setting ambitious standards of ‘Real’ personality traits will help you remain authentic toward yourself and others. Authenticity shows that you no longer follow the crowd but are ready to forge your own paths, no matter the trials ahead. Think about what the phrase ‘be real’ means in your life? Maybe it means standing out against a social norm or standing up for others who are misunderstood. Or possibly it means learning to say only the things we know to be real instead of false. Consequently, being real comes with a lot of responsibility. Although we want to follow our true feelings we should also be mindful that judgment and shaming do not count as being real.

Often, this means learning to be vulnerable with ourselves and our true feelings about certain situations and people. When we can address character traits that go against the phrase ‘be real’ only then can we learn to accept ourselves and others. Being real is more than just expressing your opinion, it’s about finding who you are and using that to allow others the safety of expressing their ‘real attitude’. Maybe today you have found yourself in a situation that seems impossible to remain real and in the moment. If this is you take a minute to decide how long you will let yourself be affected by this event and then pick yourself and move past it. Mistakes are simply lessons learned. Choose today to see your circumstance as a chance to remain authentic. To take on this lesson as a challenge that will make you stronger in the long run.