Character Traits

So… what do you expect? What do you desire? What do you respect? What do you admire?

These are big and challenging questions, and the answers to these questions can guide your life, your choices, and your relationships. The key is to be clear on your answers. If you can’t easily answer these questions, take some time to think, talk, or write about it.

What are your expectations for yourself? Today, tomorrow, a year from now? You are worth having high expectations for your life. We attract the opportunities, the treatment, and the people that match our expectations. If you expect to be treated well then you will attract people who exceed that expectation.

What do you desire for yourself? What do you desire in a relationship? Do you want someone who dictates only their needs or the opposite where they could care less about anyone’s needs? If you desire love and respect you will reflect that desire to those in your life. Reflect that you are worthy of love and respect by the example you set for others. People will naturally gravitate towards those who have admirable characteristics, such as the desire to stand up for what they want.

What do you respect? Do you respect strong women? Do you respect people who go after what they want and are resilient in the face of challenges? You are worthy of respect. Look around and think about who you know, or who you have met, that you greatly respect and seek out those traits in yourself.

What do you admire? Examples are all around us and we can mirror the behaviors and choices we see while still holding ourselves accountable to the person we want to be. You are worthy and capable of finding these qualities you just need to be patient. You didn’t become the person you are overnight and it will take time to achieve the true self you admire to be.

You have the power to set the standards for your own life, one day at a time. Live the life you want to live and don’t let others dictate or decide what you expect, desire, respect, and admire. Our power is in the choices we make, choices to strive daily to be the people we want to be, no matter the circumstances. We have the power today to make choices that we will be proud of tomorrow and for years to come.

So.. what do you want? What are you going to choose for yourself?