LaBeLs (Everyone’s worst nightmare)

Labels are words or phrases that are used to tear others down. Labels affect all generations and each age group has specific labels that are unique to them. Each second of the day someone is being labeled either by themselves, family, co-workers, and most common their peers. Labels can retrain our brains to see ourselves as others see us instead of what we truly are. These labels can describe something as small as our hair being straight or curly. Interacting with these labels causes us to lose self-confidence, respect for ourselves, and even diminishes the thinking capacity we once had. Negative perceptions can completely change us into different people.

What if we aren’t the ones being labeled? What if you have labeled someone else? The same concept applies. Your negative words could have caused them to change their view of themselves and the world around them. The person you called fat is possibly treating their body like a prisoner. Starving themselves to fit into the image you have conformed them to. The person you said was ugly is likely seeking out unrealistic beauty treatments, surgery’s, and medications to look like the person they saw on TV. How about the person you called a failure and not valued? They could be contemplating suicide. What about the girl you called a stupid and worthless when she got pregnant in high school? This girl is most likely ashamed, alone, and scared because having a surprise baby doesn’t fit your mold of who she should be. This girl, as well as the others in each scenario, will have many challenges ahead of them but labels should not be one of them. Each of us were created like a puzzle, each distinctively different so that we could complete the beautiful picture that shows its face once put together.

Our society tells us that we should all look, speak, and think alike. When will you decide that labeling is not what you were made to do? You were meant for a greater purpose and to uplift others instead of tearing them down. Choose today to be the day you stop labeling others and define who YOU are based on your gifts and talents! The Pregnancy Resource Center stands with you in this challenge to be who you are TODAY! If you or someone you know is struggling with labels, self-esteem, unintended pregnancy, STD’s, and or suicidal thoughts call us today to speak confidentially with a trained counselor. We are here to help you, make today the day!