What does sexting mean? Am I sexting? Do I want to be sexting? Is it private?

Bullying. It’s something that is talked a lot about in today’s world. We are constantly hearing about how it is bad or not right.

Who are you? What do you want to be? Are you open to change? Are you Real?

Let’s be honest, it isn’t exactly possible to be without fear altogether. It wouldn’t be reasonable, or safe, or even human to have no fears.

Sometimes in life, we all feel a lot of pressure to be just like everyone else. To talk a certain way, to act a specific way, to fit in with family or with friends.

Each second of the day someone is being labeled either by themselves, family, co-workers, and most common their peers.

So… what do you expect? What do you desire? What do you respect? What do you admire?
These are big and challenging questions, and the answers to these questions can guide your life, your choices, and your relationships.

Ever wonder if the information you have been given about sex is accurate? We know that there are many different opinions in society today that tell us what sex is and how it should be viewed.

Life moves fast. Between the constant list of to-dos and the things that need to be taken care of at a moment’s notice, it’s easy to walk through life distracted.

Have you ever been in a place where confidentiality was ignored and or neglected? Ever felt like you were uncomfortable opening up because you couldn’t trust the person you were speaking with?