Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Pregnancy

Not knowing if you are pregnant can be a scary time especially today when we have the chance of coming into contact with Coronavirus (COVID-19). Below we have listed some facts from the CDC on pregnancy during Coronavirus (COVID-19).

What are the chances of pregnant women getting COVID-19?

Pregnant women experience changes in their bodies. With viruses from the same family as COVID-19, and other viral respiratory infections, such as influenza, women have had a higher chance of developing the illness. It is always important for pregnant women to protect themselves from illnesses.

Can I protect myself from getting COVID-19?

Pregnant women should do the same things as the general public to avoid contact with COVID-19. You can help stop the spread of COVID-19 by taking these actions:

  • Cover your cough (using your elbow is a good technique)
    • Avoid people who are sick
    • Clean your hands often using soap and water or alcohol-based hand
Can COVID-19 cause problems for a pregnancy?

The CDC does not know at this time if the Coronavirus would cause problems during pregnancy.

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