Money-Saving Tips for College Students

College is such an exciting time in a person’s life but it is no secret that college is expensive. Every expense for college students adds up- from books, tuition, room & board, food, healthcare. Most of the time having a job doesn’t always cover these expenses. But the essentials are not the only thing you need money for. So here are some ways to save money as a college student:

  • Attend Campus Events: Most colleges have a ton of events that have free giveaways and food for attending. Not only is this a great way to save some money on supplies and food. This is a great way to meet other college students in your community.
  • Apply for Scholarships and Grants: What is better than free money– NOTHING! Most scholarship applications are very simple to fill out and your college finance advisor is always happy to help. FASFA is a great way to receive assistance for paying for college tuition, books, and school supplies.
  • Use your School Library: The school library can be a great way to attend study sessions but also a way to connect to free wifi and check out free movies to watch in your dorm room.
  • Eat at the College Cafeteria: The college cafeteria is usually a great way to get a healthy meal and be able to meet up with your friends. Some college campuses incorporate the cost of meals with your tuition. Check into your school for specific meal options at your cafeteria. 
  • Stick to your Monthly Budget: Every penny counts! Make sure you are spending your money wisely so you are not racking up unwanted debt.
  • Re-sell Your Textbooks: Textbooks are expensive and you might only open the book a couple of times during the semester. Most libraries have a buyback program that can give you cash or credit for future purchases.

College is expensive and too often we’re left with not enough money in our pockets to cover all the extra things we might want or need after the essentials are taken care of. These are just a few tips to help you keep a little more of your hard-earned dollars in your wallet!