Is Pathway Health Clinic Right for You?

Have you ever been to a place where your confidentiality was ignored or neglected? Ever feel uncomfortable opening up because you couldn’t trust the person with who you were speaking? Pregnancy, relationships, STD information, or parenting concerns are all topics that we can assist with at the Pathway Health Clinic in a safe and confidential environment. 

At Pathway Health Clinic, you will have confidence that all your information will be kept in a secure, confidential file. It will only accessed by authorized personnel. Our services are dedicated to meeting the needs of our patients.

How does Pathway Health Clinic keep my information private?

  • Every volunteer and staff member is screened thoroughly to ensure that they will always meet the needs of our patients
  • Every Advocate and Nurse are trained under an accredited program to ensure professionalism and proficiency.
  • Clients meet with an advocate in a private room that allows the client to speak freely.
  • Every client file is kept locked in a secure cabinet that only authorized personnel have access.

If there ever was a concern by the client that confidentiality or any other matter was not met, we offer a confidential survey that can be filled out before leaving.

Our best asset, next to the compassionate and high-quality care we offer, is that all of our services are NO COST to you.

We are here for YOU! So, what are you waiting for? You don’t have to do this alone. Our pro-woman services are for every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy in the North County San Diego area. 

To make an appointment, call us at 760-945-4673 or walk-in during clinic hours. If you are in a crisis, you can text our 24/7 crisis text line at 760-208-8811, and an advocate will respond. We are here to help.